Borough FieldMembers

Jeff Leider (term exp. 12/31/24)
Dale Fava (term exp. 12/31/23)
Geroge Shamah (term exp. 12/31/24)
Glen Pettigano  (term exp. 12/31/23)
Chakib Fakhoury (term exp. 12/31/24)
Claudio Tommolillo (term exp. 12/31/22)
Nolan Van Rye (term exp. 12/31/22)

Meeting Schedule

Meets on the dates set forth below at 7:30PM at the Elmwood Park Recreation Complex, 500 Boulevard, Elmwood Park, NJ, except as otherwise noted.

2021 Meeting Dates (7:30PM)  

January 25
February 22
March 15
April 19
May 17
June 21

(no meeting in July)
(no meeting in August)
September 20
October 18
November 15
December 13


Recreation Board Agendas, Minutes & Other Downloads

Where Does It Meet?

500 Boulevard